Dame la chancla!

How did we get our name?!

Well….it all started in the Canary Islands…After trying to get the setting right on the TV for over an hour (!!!!!), we decided to just watch a movie on my 11 inch laptop. An hour later, all of a sudden I hear “Alessandra!!” I thought Carmen had fallen asleep and woken up confused. Next I hear, “Dame la chancla!” I said “NO!” She repeated, “Alessandra, dame la chancla!” I lowered my hand to the ground and reluctantly grabbed a havaiana off the floor. I watch Carmen stand up as I balled up on the couch. BAM! (I really wish I had a video!) She throws the “chancla” at a cockroach and SPLAT!havaianaRight in the neck! It’s over. Only I say, “And now what?!” She finds the broom and dustpan, and flings it out off the balcony and into the wild. That cockroach never saw it coming.I had always had respect for Carmen, but that day I developed a whole new respect for her…from the couch…balled up in fetal position.Thank you Carmen!#ihatecockroaches

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