Buddha Park

Our first destination was Vientiane. Soon we realized that there wasn’t a lot of things to do in the city, more than visiting some temples with some museums in them. For this reason, we decided to go to Buddha Park. First, we took a tuk tuk to go the bus station. There you have to get the bus number 14. During the journey we were enjoying landscapes, skinny cows, and people. We arrived there in almost 40 minutes and it started to rain softly, but this rain allowed us to take amazing pictures with the contrast between the colorful monks’ dresses, the natural greenery and the dark rock statues.

Loving this contrast!

This mouth led to some crazy steps but an awesome view from the top!

Although the trip there and back was double the time we actually spent in the park, it was definitely worth it. The cost was less than $10 (for 2) including the tuk tuk, the bus round trip, park entrance and sandwiches at PVO after! Note that just on the opposite side of the river sits Thailand!


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