Angel Yusep

There was JUST another earthquake. 6.2. (Wednesday at 13:30 Lombok time) Yusep called to check on us. People have nothing left and they keep getting hit. Our next Angel is Angel Yusep. He is a friend of my dad who answered a group whatsapp message my dad sent out asking for someone to help us.He could have left the island immediately but he stayed to help others. He promised my Dad he would help us and he kept his promise. He finally left Gili Air after helping the people there but he is still on Lombok and currently cooking for people in need. These are the pictures he’s sending now. 💔He helped us get on a boat. Without him we don’t know how long we would have waiting. We waited 5 hours and he tried 6 boats before we got on one. We were lucky. This is the boat he helped us get onto. Women and children. And the 7 of us. If you can help our Angels in any way, please donate on our gofundme page.

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