The school, the teacher, Glen & Agnese

This is the school we spent the night at. With the Angels being the family of the school’s teacher. Although they couldn’t help us get on a boat, they shared their space with us. They brought us food and water and coffee and tea. They gave us their prayer mats to sit/lay on. They prayed around us. Fellow travel Angels Glenn and Agnese Penke. Who kept us up to date with news an information as it came through. Who let us use her phone to message family. And Glenn who kept us 7, a family with 3 young children and several other travelers in our community that night warm by keeping a fire going all night. And boiling water for tea to keep us warm.This is a video of us walking from our bungalows after getting our stuff (we didn’t have passports or money or anything) back to the school where we spent the night. The family said they could take us on a boat with them but they were gone by the time we came back.If you can help our Angels and this school in any way, please donate on our gofundme page.

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