Siem Reap: Big Tour

The next day, our route was smaller so why not get up a little bit later? Like the day before, Sally was waiting for us and this time, we enjoyed the small tour. In this route we found smaller temples but, from my point of view, more beautiful than the first day. We’ll let the photos tell their story.

Ran into this couple. Cuties!

Praying and playing.

Mirror Mirror

A Bestie Piggyback!

Due to Bayon was crowed the day before, we decided to give it another opportunity on our way back home, and we were really lucky. Nobody was there. We enjoyed the temple almost just for us. We had to wait out a torrential downpour but the people watching was amazing.

Loving the contrast of the dark temples and the bright umbrellas!

Waiting out the rain. We do what we want!

We arrived exhausted, starving and hot and we found a small coffee place named Brother Bong Cafe. The shakes nos supieron a Gloria and we ordered an amazing fresh avocado salad with sandwiches.

Time to shower and to rest but not before a cuddle with these guys at Tu Casa!

We met Jimmy in Vang Vieng and he was spending time with his friends in Siem Reap too (working on a new hangover). So, we decided to meet them at Pub street.

The time that we spent with them was amazing and interesting. We learnt about a sport named canoapolo. We thought that it was played only in Asia but to the contrary, we discovered that it is well know in Europe as well. We were asking them about customs, manners and religion in Singapore, reasons why we should go and visit their country, what is the meaning of the five starts on their flag and how to play cards. The funniest thing was to know that for males it’s compulsory to be in the army for two years when they are 18 years old, which means that women can start to study their degrees before them, sooo, all their classmates and why not, possible girlfriends, are two years younger than them. Everyone wanted to go to sleep early because the next day promised to be intense but in the end we were chatting until 23:00. It was completely worth it.

Next up: Floating Village.




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